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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Grimm: Nadalind Is Officially Endgame (For Me)

   Grimm is almost over (which makes me sad every time I say it) but "Where the Wild Things Were" had a great scene between Nick and Eve. As a shipper for Nick and Adalind I was concerned when Eve started to feel that she would try to get Nick back or go back to being bad but her speech dispelled those fears. Though there are rumors that Nick and Adalind's romance may have a bitter end. I hope it's not true!!!

Eve has regrets but wouldn't change them

    When Eve and Nick were hunting down the big evil Wesen skull guy (I honestly can't remember its name because a lot of the Wesen species are hard to spell let alone pronounce) they came to the weird stone henge and Eve told Nick that she didn't regret meeting him or him not breaking it off with her sooner. The path they took was perilous but she wouldn't trade it for anything. She also mentioned that when they were together they both only knew the small part of Nick, his human self. It may not have worked out for Juliette and Nick but Eve isn't resentful. 

Can you believe they wanted to kill each other?

   I have mentioned something similar to what Eve said about Nick and Juliette not working out. It wasn't that they didn't love each other. Nick took his transformation with better stride than Juliette took with hers. Granted Juliette becoming a hexenbeist was much more terrifying but still her love for Nick wasn't strong enough to prevent the fallout between them. Juliette and Nick evolved and grew and they tried to make their relationship grow as well but it hit a point where the strains of the Wesen world were too much for them to keep hold of each other. Yes it was a terrible break up but bad things do happen for a reason although it doesn't feel like it at the time. 

Please don't sink my ship!

   Nick and Adalind started out as the worst of enemies. How ironic that one of Nick's greatest enemies became the mother of his son and now the love of his life. It was a major dark twist of events that led to Nick becoming a father and finding happiness again. I was concerned when Nick called Eve "Juliette" again when she was taken to the hospital. Did that mean old feelings were resurfacing? But we know that when Nick falls in love with someone he's all in. Nick hasn't told Adalind "I love you" but then Eve told Nick "You're in love with Adalind." He asked "Why would you ask me that?" Then she responded "It wasn't a question." This is verbatim but the message is clear. 

Please let them all live happily ever after!

   Despite all the bad things that happened, in Eve's mind it all worked out. Nick is a happy father and has found love again and he has the support of his friends. Nick's feelings for Eve are ones of responsibility because he once loved Juliette and it was because of him that she turned into a monster. But I feel like Eve has redeemed herself. Yet I've had a nagging feeling ever since I've heard a rumor that Nadalind may have a bitter end to their romance. Again I hope it's not true because I would prefer to have a nice wrap up of the series with no loose ends to leave me wondering (or crying in a fetal position if Nick and Adalind's relationship heads south!)...  I hope they all live happily ever after.
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