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Thursday, February 9, 2017

TVD: Stefan's Human! What's Next?

    Stefan becoming a human is something I never considered until I saw it! Poor Enzo though I had a feeling he'd die. A few questions of what is going to happen next...

I'll miss Ripper Stefan. Always so ready with

Will Bonnie Forgive Stefan?

      Bonnie always gets the stick. The one time she's incredibly happy it all gets taken away from her! Of course that's the theme of the TVD/TO universe. Chances are Stefan is going to return to his human empathetic self again and realize what he did and was about to do to Elena. Will Bonnie forgive Stefan for killing the love of her life? From what I can gather from this group's history, they can hurt each other physically and emotionally but always seem to forgive each other no matter the sin. I could see Bonnie giving Stefan the cold shoulder. And Stefan will do anything to try and make it right.

Caroline has grown so much since high school

Are Stefan and Caroline Still On?

      Definitely. Caroline seemed pretty determined to get Stefan back. Though this changes my ending fantasy a little. But it works out perfectly! Stefan and Caroline could get married. Stefan grows old and dies leaving Caroline to pursue Klaus. Her foster children could come and visit whenever Alaric is in town giving Stefan the family he always wanted but couldn't have because he was a ripper vampire. The Salvatore bloodline could also start up again if not with Stefan then with Damon once he takes the cure (which should still be play). Those concerned for vampires taking the cure and ending up like Katherine how taking the cure works is if a 100 year vampire takes the cure from someone then they're human but if another vampire takes the cure from that newly cured vampire then the first vampire ages rapidly then dies so we're good. 

Nostalgia's really a bitch

New Ending?

       I see a new ending where Damon is the last Salvatore vampire until Bonnie dies waking up Elena. Stefan will end up with Caroline. Bonnie's happy ending is still elusive but she has her best friend Damon to keep her company. One doesn't have to have a romantic ending to be happy. Matt is sheriff again in touch with his own family legacy so I see him continuing that bloodline with a few kids of his own. Elena is going to have so much exciting material to read of her friends' diaries when she wakes up!
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