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Thursday, February 16, 2017

TVD: Favorite Things About TVD That I'll Miss

       This is the last season of The Vampire Diaries. I didn't think I'd love it so much but I did. So many cherished memories of "wow", "awwww", and "OMG!". But what made TVD so great?

Such a twisted yet strong family of
unlikely friends

1. The Sass

      There have been quite a few sassy remarks by every character. How else are you going to deal with all the death and misery in the supernatural world but greet it with dry humor? To me Damon is the King of Sass. Though the one with the most snark is the one who feels the deepest so they hide behind a mask of sarcasm. 

Damon and Elena are ENDGAME!

2. The Relationships

     The chemistry between the cast is so thick you could pair off anybody and they have sort of... I found it funny that Elena and Tyler never dated or flirted or... anything really. The beauty of the TVD and TO universe is that enemies or total strangers can become intimate. We all thought Elena and Stefan were the example of "Love Conquers All" but turns out they weren't meant to be. Even ships like Klaus and Elena were a brief possibility and I feel like it would have worked! And it wasn't just romantic relationships. Bonnie and Damon and Alaric started out as bitter enemies. Even Liz who hunted down vampires became one of Damon's closest friends. He even gave her eulogy. Damon turned Alaric's wife but they became drinking buddies. Bonnie tried to kill Damon plenty of times but now he's her best friend! Total 180! Now I blush every time Damon calls Bonnie "Bon Bon". Oh yeah. Relationships are complicated on TVD. I think there's even a relationship web somewhere online depicting this complicated network.

Blood is truly thicker than water

3. Family Drama

      All shows have a bit of family drama but this show? It is king of all family dramas. Siblings at each other's throats. Parents trying to kill their children and vice versa. Not just vampire family drama but also the typical human mama-papa drama. Elena had a pretty rough relationship with her biological father who in the end redeemed himself by sacrificing his own life for Elena. And no matter how much discord there is between Stefan and Damon they will always sacrifice big for each other. Damon gave up the only thing that could probably kill the Devil for Stefan's life even though a day ago he tried to kill Elena. Now that's a brother.

     We've been through hell with our TVD Family. Through evil vampires, crazy witches, psycho vampire hunters, aggressive werewolves to new threats like hybrids, immortal psychics, doppelgängers, and vampire witches we've lost a few along the way but I feel the core of this twisted adopted family of unlikely friends has come out stronger than ever. There were so many moments of TVD that I can't name them all in just one blog! Comment below to me your favorite moments from any of the 8 seasons of The Vampire Diaries.
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