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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Game of Thrones: Favorite Scenes From Season 6

   Since hearing that the premiere date for Game of Thrones was pushed back (something about waiting for the snows to come so they can film) I've had a sudden urge to high light my top 10 favorite scenes from season 6. I've based my picks off of memorability, emotional resonance, and just WTF moments. 

"Long may she reign!"

10. Cersei is crowned Queen of the 7 Kingdoms.

               This was a WTF moment. Did not expect Cersei to become queen though it seemed inevitable. I knew Tommen would die this season along with Margery, Loras, and the Freys. It was still a shock though. Cersei doesn't have any blood ties to House Baratheon or House Targaryen and usually the line of succession goes by blood relative even if it's a distant cousin if someone is related to the king in any way then they are the heir. I suppose Cersei killed most of those who would oppose her in the Sept. 

           However, Jaime did not look happy to see Cersei as queen. It makes me feel like their relationship is going to be strained next season. Jaime may blame Cersei for Tommen's death which in fact she is responsible. She left an emotionally fragile boy alone who has shown signs of deep depression and was most likely a danger to himself. Of course Tommen would kill himself because his wife and other people he cared about were killed. This was one of the few moments that I was sorry for Cersei. The only humanizing thing about her was the love for her children but now that they're gone this coronation feels like the first step on her road to becoming the Mad Queen.

She's your only friend, dude

9. Jaime waving goodbye to Brienne as she and Pod escape down the river.

         I love the bond between Brienne and Jaime. She's his only friend in the world actually. She brings out something honorable in Jaime. A lot of people think may be Jaime has some romantic feeling for Brienne or at least Bronn pointed that out but I feel like it's more of an emotional bond. Jaime shared an intimacy with Brienne but it's an emotional intimacy because she was the first person he's told (besides Tyrion and maybe Cersei) about the day he killed the Mad King. Jaime allowed himself to be vulnerable with another person so that formed a strong bond between Jaime and Brienne and this was a very sad and touching scene where they don't need words to express their feelings. A simple wave good bye says it all. 

       This would be the second time that Jaime sort of defied Cersei. The first time was when Cersei demanded Jaime find Sansa and kill her. Instead Jaime gives Brienne a new sword, new armor, and even a squire charging her to find the Stark girls and protect them as he vowed he would to Catelyn. Brienne knows where Sansa is but instead of demanding or holding Brienne for further questioning or even telling someone that she was escaping Jaime let her go. I do hope they meet again though there was some finality to their wave good bye in the night.

8. Theon and Yara at the brothel.

"Drink the damn ale!"

          I feel like Theon redeemed himself this season by helping Sansa escape then supporting Yara's claim to the salt throne. This scene you could see the love Yara has for her little brother and her sympathy for his... condition. When someone has been through the sort of trauma that Theon had most would treat them with kid gloves. However Yara refuses to treat him gently. She knows she can get Theon back on the road to recovery. He may not be able to have sex but Yara's going to make sure he gets his dignity back.  

Reunited and it feels so good...

7. Jon and Sansa reunite.

            For so long the Starks have been scattered and separated with some dead. It was heartfelt to see Jon and Sansa reunite though they never really had any interaction before. I was scared that they would miss each other and we'd have to go through another heart break but thankfully our hearts caught some relief. My heart caught in my throat when I saw Jon and Sansa stare at each other in disbelief then suddenly embrace without a word. They didn't need to say anything. No words could justify the relief they both felt: Jon that his sister was alive and for Sansa to see a brother after spending years as a hostage in King's Landing. 

"I'm friends with your mother. I'm here to help.
Don't eat the help..."

6. Tyrion makes connection with the dragons as he sets them free from their chains.

          I just felt so happy in this scene: 1. Because Tyrion is my favorite character; 2. It further pushes my theory that Tyrion will ride a dragon; 3. It was just sweet to hear Tyrion tell us a story from his childhood when he wanted a dragon for his name day. 

         "It doesn't have to be a big dragon... It can be little like me."

"My father told me all the dragons were dead. I cried myself
to sleep that night."

          If your heart doesn't ache just a little hearing that then your heart is made of stone. Tyrion has felt alone his entire life and this was one of the moments in his childhood where he felt he had to resign himself to that fact. He has had a life time of ridicule and torture because he was born a dwarf, a disappointment to his father and hated by his sister. And yet he never allowed it to make him bitter. Tyrion once said he had a sympathy for cripples and broken things. It's why he gave Bran sketches for a new saddle and why he didn't force himself on Sansa. He has a big heart and I feel like the dragons sensed that making them trust him to unchain them. 

Just when things looked dire the cavalry arrives!

5. Battle of the Bastards (fight sequence)

          Mostly I liked when Jon was in the middle of his small army as he was being crushed because Ramsay's army had surrounded them and killing them with their spears from behind shields. It perfectly parallels with Dany's scene at the end of season 3 "Mhsya" where she's being lifted up by the rejoicing slaves. This is a much darker parallel of course but it also makes me realize that Dany and Jon's stories are in fact kind of parallel. They both rose to greatness on their own. 

        Then there was the part where the Knights of the Vale came charging in wiping out Ramsay's army. The look on Ramsay's face was priceless! 

There's a reason she's called the Unburnt

4. Daenerys burns all of the Khals and walks out of the burning hut unharmed.

           Dany has come a long way. You would think her walking out of flames would get dull but NOPE! Watching her knock over those torches, calmly setting the mouthy misogynistic aflame then walking out of the fire (naked) proudly with fire in her eyes. It had me in awe. This moment she united all the khalasaars together expanding her army and bringing her one step closer to the Iron Throne. 


3. Hodor's death scene "Hold the door!"

         Now I almost cried at this part. In fact I remember my eyes getting a little watery as I watched Meera dragging Bran away on the sled while he worged into Hodor while Meera was yelling "Hold the door!" then seeing Bran's worg effect Hodor in the past as he had a seizure screaming "Hold the door!" over and over until it became one word that he would say for the rest of his life. 

        That's gotta be the saddest death in the series. Not just because Hodor was a beloved character (because we should be used to losing our favorites by now) but because his entire life he's been talking about the circumstances of his death. As Bran and Meera get away I love how the whole scene cut out the background sound leaving the music and young Willis crying out "Hold the door" but we kept seeing Hodor holding the door while getting ripped a part by zombies. You're forced to actually see it which makes it resonate more emotionally. It was a great way to say good bye to a beloved character who had a bigger role to play in the show than everybody thought.

Boom bitches!
2. Cersei blows up her enemies.

            I suppose you can call this a sequence from the beginning of episode 10 to when the whole church is blown up with wild fire killing Margery, Loras, Mace Tyrell, Uncle Kevan Lannister, Lancel, the High Sparrow, and the Faith Militant. The music was my favorite part it was so Godfather. We start with everyone getting dressed and ready for the trial as we hear a soft foreboding piano. Cersei is wearing some armor on her dress like she's preparing for battle. 

         Fanatics are just plain dumb aren't they. I never really believed Margery would go full on convert. She's way too smart. It was still rough to see her trying to tell the High Sparrow that they were all in danger, trying to make him realize that they were all going to die if they didn't leave immediately. Then the look on his face when he realized that Margery was right but he's too much in shock to make a decision then BOOM! Bye bye Birdie! Godfather! All of it!

"I don't care that he's a bastard. He's my King from
this day until his last day. The King in the North!"

1. Jon is declared the King in the North.

          I was tearing up at this scene. This topped every moment in the season for me. Since season 1 Jon has belittled himself saying "I'm a bastard." He was a stigma on his father's honor, suffering Catelyn's enmity and scorn because he felt that he deserved it because he wasn't born with the name Stark. It was actually his one desire in life for Ned to legitimize him and make him a Stark. Jon had the chance to become Jon Stark, no longer being stigmatized with the name Snow but said no because he had a duty to the Night's Watch.  But now... 

         We love Jon because he's a noble guy. He has a good heart. He tries to be true to his vows but has weaknesses and flaws like everyone else. He fell in love but gave that up for duty because Jon felt it was the right thing to do. Jon has always tried to do the right thing and that's what endeared him to many of his brothers in the Night's Watch. His bravery and courage earned him the respect of the Free Folk who came to avenge him when he was stabbed to death. They helped Jon win back Winterfell. Ser Davos chose to follow Jon even though he had no reason to. Stannis was dead, Davos could have gone home but instead he stuck by Jon, encouraged him to live again when Jon was just brought back and in shock. 

         To have the recognition from low borns is one thing. But to suddenly gain that respect from high borns, to have them choose him as not only their leader but as their legitimate King was a huge surprise for Jon. They didn't care that his last name was Snow, he had the blood of a Stark as well as the heart of one. Jon is a Stark in all but name. I suppose you can say he's unofficially a Stark having the support of the North and even the Knights of the Vale who joined the chant. 

         Now this scene sort of reflects Rob's scene when he was declared the King in the North but I feel like it's going to go a bit better for Jon. True Jon is really the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark however he is still more or less a Stark. Whether this knowledge when it becomes known would effect his standing with the North remains a toss up but I feel like they'll follow Jon. He has proven himself time and again. Like Rhaegar who had the love of his people I feel that Jon has more than earned the same love and respect as any true born prince or lord. 
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