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Monday, July 25, 2016

12 Monkeys: Cassie's Time Immune Fetus Explained

There's no test that tells you if your kid is
going to end the world... 

      After a week's worth of re-watching all of season 2 of 12 Monkeys I've decided now was a time to blog about the last few minutes of the season finale. Cole and Cassie stayed in the past and conceived a child. However, this only happened after they failed to stop a paradox. Cole went back in time (seeing that they weren't safe even in the past) and stopped said paradox thereby undoing his future with Cassie as parents. Reason and common science would suggest the child was unmade. Right? Nope!

We all know how the birds and the bees work...
They didn't count for the laws of Time

     If you think about it this makes total sense. At first you would think the biggest twist would have been that either Cole or Cassie were the Witness. Guess again! Turns out it was Cole and Cassie's future son who tries to destroy Time. But why was he spared? He should have been written out of existence. Cole and Cassie both have been taking Dr. Jones's injections mutating their DNA that made them something like immune to Time. Cole has been taking these injections long before Cassie (though he did reset himself once but he had to start taking them again, a stronger dose or a more sophisticated serum) but that still gives the child an equal chance of inheriting this Time Immune gene if one has a basic knowledge how genetics work. 

This house seems familiar... Deja vu!

     A mother's genes and a father's genes fight for dominance in the womb. For example: I am the first child. My mother has bipolar disorder with a hot temper while my father has depression and ADD having a mild disposition. Both drink (dad's the fun drunk while mom is the angry one). But my father's genes won the battle so now I have ADD with a case of mild depression though having a mild disposition like dad and I do drink however I only prefer vodka and even then I prefer a few sips. My father would say I have the "good" genes while my younger sister got the "bad" genes. Most likely it's the same for Cassie and Cole's son.

Welcome to our End of the World Party.
Our punch was made special for this occasion...

     One running theory I have is about Cole's mother. I think his mother was Primary. Marian may not have even been her real name. Or maybe she's not Primary. For all we know it could be some Sarah/John Connor situation where maybe even Hannah goes back in time, calls herself Marian and meets Cole's dad. But I'm sticking with my Cole's Mother is a Primary theory for now. But this makes me think that Cole's son is also Primary. Though it may not run in families, just be random, genes can be tricky. Genetic defects sometimes skip a few generations or affect few family members like when noble families would marry as close as first cousins or even niece and uncle (unless you're Ancient Egyptian royalty then you marry your brother, father, grandfather, nephew, etc.). The Witness could also be Primary not just having a knowledge of his parents' history because he was taught it but because he saw it all happen in his head. Ir would also explain that maybe he could be mentally and emotionally unbalanced. Combine that with his Time immune genes his powers and weird prophecies make sense.

The one time everyone would agree that abortion
would be the better option...

       Last part feels like a stretch, nevertheless because Time moves around Cassie and Cole their fetus would survive any change to the Time Line. Also it could explain why the Witness wants to get rid of Time seeing it as a cruel destructive force that ruined his parents' lives. Not sure Cassie will just bow down and have Rosemary's Baby perhaps she tries to have a miscarriage or abort the baby or perhaps she thinks that maybe if she raises the baby then he won't grow up evil. However as we've seen so far if Time wants something to happen then it'll happen no matter what you do.

Do you think Cole will be able to kill his own son
in order to save the universe?

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