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Friday, October 9, 2015

Arrow: Who Dies This Season?

The Green Arrow has arrived, bitches!

               So finally saw the season 4 premiere of Arrow. As I've heard our favorite cigarette chewing Brit John Constantine will guest star this season (after being cruelly canceled by NBC) I was really excited to see Damian Darhk doing something mystical instead of going with the usual super power through radioactivity or bad guys on roid rage. BUT in the last scene of the premiere we see Oliver at a gravestone and I'm very afraid of who we're going to lose this season...

Felicity is living every fan girl's dream...

         Oliver swore he would kill the one responsible for the death of his loved one so that means this person is very close to Oliver to break his no killing streak. One of two candidates is Thea. The other... Felicity.

Well her name is Speedy not Slow Poke

        After 3 seasons of calling his sister by her pet name soon to be super hero alter ego it seems unlikely Thea would be killed off so quickly. Especially since Oliver went to so much trouble to bring her back from the dead. Malcolm was against Thea being dipped into the resurrection pool but he helped Oliver anyway. So I feel it's unlikely that Thea would be buried. Also she's just getting into the swing of this vigilante hero business and she still has a lot to learn. She has too much potential, story wise as well as hero wise to be killed off.

Felicity always saves the day with her well of wisdom

        Which leaves us with the less savory option. Felicity Smoak. As an Olicity fan I abhor the very idea of Felicity even being in a coma! She and Oliver took 3 seasons to finally get together and now Oliver wants to propose! Unfortunately heroes aren't allowed to have a happily ever after (ask Batman who's many story lines the producers have taken... not that I mind personally). It's like an unwritten rule. Plus Felicity's death would definitely push Oliver to break his no killing vow. Oliver finally reached a place where he could have a healthy emotional relationship with someone who knows just what to say to pick him up whenever he's down or doubting himself. Taking away that kind of support would absolutely shake Oliver to his core. 

As annoying as Laurel is it would be a mistake to kill
her off

        Of course you're wondering why I don't suspect Diggle or Laurel. I feel like Captain Lance wouldn't have even allowed Oliver to the funeral and would have guarded that tombstone like a hawk. Despite Oliver's romance with Laurel they came to a point where they were better off as friends and they are both warriors now so burying a fellow fighter would be more like burying a fellow soldier. Salute then move on with the battle. The same with Diggle. ALSO Felicity would have been there. It would have been Felicity and not Barry who came late to the funeral after everyone else had gone. Barry and Felicity had... something I don't know. It seemed like romance but it always seemed to carry the coolness of friendship to me. So Barry would have certainly made an appearance at a funeral for Felicity. 

Enjoy this while it lasts, Ollie.... 

         I hope I'm wrong but I can't get rid of this sinking feeling that I'm right. If it is Felicity it better be a good death scene I can tell you that. I better be crying like I cried when Gabriel cradled little David's body in Dominion. Counting on you, writers! 
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