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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dominion: Gabriel's Heart of Darkness

Who knew an Archangel could cry?

             Carl Beukes is just nailing it this season! I feel with each new episode his portrayal of the dark Archangel Gabriel gets us deeper into his character not as a black and white villain but as a man in a lot of emotional pain and torment and we're supposed to not like him because he wants to destroy humanity but it's hard to hate the guy when you know more of his story. Now Julian has crossed a line and created an angel much more consumed by darkness making Gabriel much more dangerous. Not only that but Gabriel has turned against his beloved brother, Michael! Yet why did Gabriel fall for Julian's manipulations?

Careful, Julian, you may hurt yourself with that...

        Some may feel that Gabriel was too easily tricked when Julian paraded as Michael in Gabriel's vision but you have to remember that Gabriel has been worn down physically, mentally, and emotionally. In "The Longest Mile Home" we saw Gabriel at one of his most vulnerable moments (like I said every scene even that orgy scene had a purpose). It showed Gabriel's own insecurities, questioning his decision to wage this war in the first place and if he should even continue the whole thing. 

3 beautiful women offering sanctuary? I like
where this is going...

        Maybe God won't come back. Maybe Julian will win. So what can you do? Give it all up and relax with three beautiful women of course. But even after Gabriel realized it was just a drug induced psycho-sexual fever dream he still showed resistance. The only thing keeping Gabriel going or even together was his love for Michael. Once Julian exposed that he targeted Gabriel's other nagging thoughts of doubt and guilt. 

This would make me lose faith in humanity too

       It's quite obvious that Gabriel is jealous of Michael's bond with Alex. It kind of baffles him that no matter what wrong Alex does Michael remains steadfast in his devotion to the guy. Though he seemed to understand a little in "Lay Thee Before Kings" when he helped Michael escape so he could protect Alex. But that doesn't mean those nagging feelings of jealousy went away... Then there's Gabriel's guilt in not being able to protect his own Chosen One. 

I support this vendetta

      This was the straw that broke the Archangel's back turning him into a more cynical person when it came to finding the good in humanity. It's very understandable that such an event would turn someone dark and in cases like this there's always someone else you want to blame for a tragedy such as a child's death. Michael failed to catch David as he fell but also Michael pushed Gabriel to have David fight. If David never fought then maybe he would still be alive? Sounds unreasonable but grief makes one irrational (remember Claire shot Zoe after her miscarriage). 

I could listen to Julian & Gabriel trade
witty sarcastic comments all day!

        The darkness inside Gabriel only increased his anger, pain, doubt, envy, hatred, and resentment to a thousand fold. But does that mean Gabriel will kill Michael? I feel like Michael will do everything he can to save Gabriel from himself even if it comes to violence and it definitely will. Alex may have to be objective and take Gabriel out. I hope that doesn't happen because if (or when) there's a season 3 I want to keep Gabriel around and get more into his character. 
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