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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dominion: Alex A Nephilim?

You need to step off from that ledge my friend...
Not to go all musical or anything...
             Getting kinda nervous as we near the end of season 2 of Dominion but given the show trending on Twitter and some bump in the ratings I feel the show has a fair chance of getting renewed... But onto the subject of this post: Alex, a human, was able to close the amphora of Darkness despite the fact that only angels had the power to do so. What does that mean?

Beware the Darkness...

   The Markings

        I saw on the amphora some of the same markings that were on Alex. The symbols on the amphora glowed as Alex's symbols moved and he was able to close the jar. Not only that but the thing disintegrated in Alex's hands. Even though Julian burned off a mark that doesn't mean the rest of the tattoos are useless. Especially the markings on Alex's arms, which sent Julian flying back when he tried to burn them off. So it could have been the tattoos that helped Alex destroy the amphora of Darkness or it could be something else...

You put me in flannel? Really?


         It makes a lot of sense for Alex to be the Chosen One if he's a child of both worlds; worlds at war right now. Uniting under a single entity that comes from both sides would help bring peace between angels and humans. Yet there are the legends about how dangerous the Nephilim were. In the Pilot Michael was concerned that he may accidentally knock up a girl who will bear a human-angel hybrid that would wreak havoc on the planet (like it wasn't in chaos already right?). Yet that leads to the question: If Alex is Nephilim then who's his angel dad? The obvious theory: Lucifer. Lucifer is by all accounts an Archangel. The child of an Archangel would have to be pretty terrifying as Archangels are pretty durable. Higher Angels aren't easy to kill but compared to Archangels they're pretty easy if you just have empyrean steel or an insane amount of luck. 

8balls are easy to kill. Higher angels? Need more
than a chainsaw

         It would also make sense for Lucifer to be Alex's biological father as the Voice everyone keeps hearing wants Alex to come to Mallory. A little family reunion maybe? Or maybe Alex's father is just a neutral higher angel that we haven't met yet. Not all neutrals went to Vega. I'm sure there are a few wandering around this wasteland somewhere and maybe even before the war started a higher angel was taking a vacation and knocked up Alex's mom, Charlie. Whether it was on purpose or by accident remains to be seen. Either way we have to question if Alex is fully human or just a very special one.

"Why hasn't SyFy renewed us yet?"

         If we get a season 3 we're supposed to get more into Alex's biological father. I hope we hear a renewal announcement sooner than last time where I spent most of those long weeks wringing my hands in trepidation. 
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