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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Game of Thrones: "Beyond The Wall" Discussion

   As we head towards the end of season 7 (meaning there will be only 6 episodes left in the entire series). I wanted to discuss the consequences of "Beyond The Wall". 

Hopefully no more Starks die but I won't hold my breath

Arya & Sansa Feud

    I just wanted to get this out of the way, I think this argument between Sansa and Arya makes no sense and worse it's boring. Both characters have been through hell and Sansa has grown up quite a bit; perhaps being the most emotionally strong of the Starks. And Sansa's right, she won the Battle of the Bastards and Arya probably wouldn't have survived what Sansa went through. Arya's anger at Sansa is undeserved. Arya is blaming Sansa for something that was out of both of their control. Robb and Catelyn never once believed Sansa was writing that letter of her own volition.

Arya: "I've read you emails."

    Arya's pretty badass but she doesn't seem to understand there are other ways to fight. I'm reminded of Obara's story of when Oberyn came to get her and take her to Sunspear: "In Dorne, we choose our weapons, boy or girl. He pointed to my mother's tears then to the spear." Obara chose the spear. Arya most likely would have chosen the same weapon while Sansa would have chosen tears. Sansa understands that to play the Game of Thrones one has to be subtle and work with people not just kill those that piss you off. 

I also have a younger sister but we're not
as dysfunctional as these two

    It could be that Arya has spent too much time with psychopathic killers like the Hound and the Faceless Men. But there were times where Arya was a wolf among lions and she got to see that her enemies weren't as black and white as she thought. Tywin actually treated her kindly despite her pretending to be a low born girl (that he quickly figured was really a high born girl but luckily didn't guess which one). He let her speak freely quite a bit and even opened up about his father revealing some vulnerability. Then Arya formed a dysfunctional bond with the Hound as he told her about how his brother pushed his face into the fire. And more recently when Arya shared a camp fire with Lannister soldiers who weren't the bloodthirsty beasts we've come to see them as. Just because they serve an evil family doesn't mean they themselves are that way. There's a theory that the sisters are secretly working together to out wit Littlefinger and I hope that's true because this argument over who's responsible for Ned's death (it's Joffrey duh) is boring and feels pointless.

"You don't look much like your dad..."

Easter Eggs Beyond The Wall

      Jon and his band of "Avengers" trek beyond the Wall to catch a Wight Walker and bury some hatchets as well as have some profound conversations. My favorites were when Tormund and Jon talk about Daenerys's terms to help if Jon bends the knee. Tormund pointed out how many Wildlings Mance could have saved if he had bent the knee to Stannis. Then the big Easter Egg was when Beric pointed out: "You don't look much like him. Your father, I mean. Perhaps you favor your mother." That's true on so many levels! Jon looks like neither of his fathers (his foster father Ned and his biological father Rhaegar who had the signature silver blond hair that would have given Jon away immediately) but he most likely favors his mother Lyanna Stark with her dark looks so it was easy for Jon to be passed off as Ned's bastard. This is just another teaser closer to Jon finding out his true parentage which may well happen in the Season 7 finale.

Since you're getting the girl you might as well get
the sword too

     Possible foreshadowing: Jon and Daenerys may have children together. In the episode Jon tried to give his sword Long Claw back to Jorah Mormont who gave it right back saying: "It belongs to you now and to your children long after you." In another scene, Tyrion tries to discuss a succession after Daenerys dies which angers her. Daenerys has said repeatedly that she can't have children so it's only natural to discuss a succession but it's a sore subject for Dany and she dismisses Tyrion. Tyrion has a good point though: if Daenerys dies before claiming the Iron Throne then what? But really could this be a foreshadowing? Jon has mentioned that he didn't want children because they would have been bastards like him and he didn't want anyone to suffer that kind of stigma but as we've discovered Jon is actually legitimate. Dany told Jon on the boat that her dragons are the only children she will ever have as if saying if we hook up don't expect any kids. I feel like it's setting us up for a huge surprise by the end of the series.

AILF: Aunt I'd Like to Fuck
NILF: Nephew I'd Like to Fuck... 

 Jonerys: A Sure Thing

     I know a lot of people are grossed out that Jon and Daenerys are really aunt and nephew and that they shouldn't hook up but forget about our real world taboos. First off, the Targaryens have been wedding brother and sister for centuries as well as uncles with nieces. It makes political sense to keep others from trying to claim the throne. Ancient Egypt and Ancient Sumeria employed the same logic for their royal family. Second, Jon and Daenerys didn't grow up together or share the same house hold; they're total strangers so it's kinda less weird.

When Jon brings you into a cave you're in for
6 inches of Snow

    Besides, Jon and Daenerys have been giving each other such thirsty looks it would be disappointing if they didn't hook up. What better way to bring the North and the South together as well as two warring houses together than to marry Jon and Dany: the last 2 Targaryens. Since Jon is legitimate he has a stronger claim to the Iron Throne than his aunt which may cause another Dance of Dragons. The Dragons (well Drogon so far) seem to respond well to Jon so he could ride Rhaegal and be an equal match for the Dragon Queen. And if Dany really can't have children then no incest babies and Dany could feel better about choosing a successor. So it makes sense for Jon and Daenerys to end up together.

Y'all are f**ked now

   Ice Dragon!

        Oh my God! Fans have been discussing the possible existence of an ice dragon and now it seems they're getting their wish! Although it means the third Dragon Head prophesied by Rhaegar in Dany's vision in the House of the Undying in the books is actually evil it's still amazing! Also sad at the same time. I haven't been this broken up over a character death (even if it is a dragon) since Ned Stark (glad to know I can still feel after 7 years of watching this show). But what kind of powers does a zombie dragon have? Can Viserion blow ice? Or just blue fire (which incidentally is actually hotter than yellow fire)? The Wall has magic spells weaved into it's foundation but the Wight Walkers are closer than ever. Is Viserion the key to breaking through? So many possibilities! And is Uncle Benjen really dead or did the writers just kill off an important character (who could have fit on that horse by the way)? We may never know unless Benjen reappears.

Good Dragon...

     After the season 7 finale there will be only 6 episodes left in the series and I hope it's a happy ending or at least gives fans some closure.

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