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Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Originals: We Need Another Time Jump

      I can't be the only one having ideas about season 5 and what should happen. What I personally think should happen is Hope grows up to be a teenager.  

She's the best part of Klaus

     Every little girl sees her daddy as Prince Charming. Hayley kept Hope away from Klaus's dark past but Hope will find out eventually it may dim Klaus in her eyes. We all have seen Klaus start freaking out when he first meets Hope as a 7 year old. She was shy and sensitive and he spent 5 years dreaming about their first meeting be her running into his arms. Klaus deeply cares what his daughter thinks of him. In that way she's changed him. We see Klaus more merciful even to Marcel his adoptive son who Hope loves (so Klaus can't hurt Marcel even if he wanted to because Hope would hate him and that's his biggest fear). Because Klaus had such a terrible childhood he's more determined to be the best father and that means spoiling Hope. Thankfully Hayley balances this with being the disciplinary parent so I think Hope will grow up quite fine but even nice girls make whiney teenagers.

The doting father is something of Klaus no one
ever sees

    As a little girl your dad is your knight, your prince charming, your super hero but when you're on the verge of womanhood that image starts to get tarnished as you start to have your own opinions as a young woman while your father still sees you as his little princess. Hope is a Mikaelson and so far she's demonstrated the Mikaelson gene for stubbornness. I feel as a teen Hope will start to discover her father's many sins because her family has made hundreds of enemies. They'll tell Hope every sin her family committed. The blood on Klaus's hands is especially thick and she may see him less as a prince charming and more as human being who has flaws and fears just like everyone else. I don't think finding out her father was (or in a way still is) a big villain will cause Hope to hate Klaus. Still... there's that other rite of passage to womanhood.

These two are certainly star-crossed

      God knows the Mikaelsons have horrible luck when it comes to love. Most of the time their significant others fall prey to their other family members. Rebekah could write a memoir of her doomed love affairs that ended with Klaus tearing their hearts out. But when Hayley commented on how Klaus will be when Hope starts dating he said that when Hope starts receiving suitors if he deems them unworthy he'll compel them into the priesthood. It's actually a step up for Klaus because any guy who got near Rebekah he would be marked for death. I can see Hope growing up lonely then seeking out affection from outside her family but there's that old saying "Little girls marry their daddies" where she may find a bad boy like her father causing tension.

Are we sure Hope is Klaus's? She's so sweet!

   But the biggest conflict I see happening is Hope not just seeking lovers but also friends. Hope is lonely and bored. She wants friends to play with but Klaus is so concerned for her safety he's being overprotective. He says she needs to harness her power so she can be worshipped as a goddess but that's not what Hope wants. She wants friends not followers. I can see a scene where they would have this exact argument and if Klaus isn't careful it could cause a rift between him and his daughter. Gods are cold and distant while Hope is warm and loving.

Sweet Hope...

      It's hard when you're a girl who weeps over an injured butterfly and fixes their broken wings who finds out she comes from a violent family that has caused so much pain. I feel Hope will be a chance for her family's redemption but she'll want to be her own person with her own personal identity and not that of just another Mikaelson. I still see Klaus loving and supporting Hope no matter what though we all know that he occasionally falls back on bad habits that may cause her to see him differently as she grows older.  
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