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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Grimm: How Will It End?

    So this is the last season of NBC's Grimm. Seems unfair! I know I was happy that there were just 13 episodes left but I didn't think it would be the last season! I guess the time has come to stop beating around the bush and see who will win and who will die.

Who knew I'd adore this pairing!?

   Nadalind is ENDGAME

           For all those hoping that Nick and Juliette will work it out I'm not going to stomp on those wishes. BUT... I feel that Nick and Adalind are going to be the endgame of the show. I mean that kiss in "Fugitive" was like fire works going off! And Nick and Adalind have grown quite close since having a son together. Adalind is a different person than from the series premiere: she's a mother and I feel in Nick she's finally found a guy who respects her as well as loves her unlike Renard who treated her like crap. Adalind's own mother threw her out of the house when she lost her powers. Nick has given Adalind a home and Nick has someone he doesn't have to keep secrets about his identity from. "If Renard hurts you I'm going to kill him." ~Adalind "Well if he does kill me I wouldn't mind that." ~Nick. I can see Nick and Adalind having a home together with Kelly and Diana in the last episode.

Cheers to the strongest couple on the show

  Monroe & Rosalee Happy Family

         Monroe and Rosalee are having a baby! After escaping the sewers Monroe and Rosalee talked about maybe moving away from Portland seeing it's not a safe place to raise a kid. Um... is anywhere safe when you're a Wesen and friends with a Grimm? If they do move away I don't see them losing touch with Nick. Monroe and Nick have been through a lot together. Monroe and Rosalee met through Nick. They would probably call once in a while but if they don't move I see Kelly and Monroe and Rosalee's baby being best friends. If it's a girl they may even date... UGH! Why does it have to end? These kids are a treasure trove of new story lines! I'll leave that for fans and their fan fiction. Anyway I can't imagine Monroe and Rosalee not getting a happy ending. They are the strongest couple on the show.

Renard was never an evil guy, just a bad one with
good intentions... sometimes

  Renard Loses (Preferably He Dies)

          Renard has bounced around the spectrum of good guy and bad guy unable to choose a side. He wasn't my favorite person in season 4 (mostly because it felt like his character was a bit drab borderline pathetic) but now he's let his true colors show. He's ambitious but he also has some compassion which is why he's having an emotional break down. He's seeing blood on his hands, remembering how Meisner died and that he mercy killed him. Renard is frantic to place the blame on Nick for Bonaparte's death not only for his own sake but I think also for Diana's. Perhaps he's afraid that they'll kill her or worse she'll kill all of them. Renard is finally developing a healthy fear of his daughter. Now how will Renard be defeated? I actually hope Nick beheads him. It would be poetic in a way because Grimms and Zeigerbiests are natural enemies. Even though they worked together in the past to uphold the law in the Wesen community but that professional relationship soured and now they've reverted back to their initial instincts of distrust and violence. Grimms are known for beheading Wesen so having Renard's head on a platter sounds like perfect justice for me. Yet Nick is also a cop. It would also work if he puts Renard away for life. Besides it's not like Nick can just kill the new Mayor of Portland. Also Diana won't kill Nick for killing her dad if he just arrests him. 

Never play with voodoo dolls

Diana's Future

     I honestly feel like Adalind should bind Diana's powers if she can or maybe use Grimm blood to destroy the hexenbiest in her. Unless Diana's immune like Adalind now then yeah bind her powers. Diana has shown that children given such power is dangerous not only for their emotional well being but kids don't really understand right from wrong yet. Diana is just doing whatever she wants. All kids want their parents to stay together and get angry when someone hurts them. Diana saw Bonaparte and Renard's mistress as a threat to her "happy" home. I don't believe she hates Nick but I shudder to think what she'd do if she saw him kissing her mom. If Diana had her powers suppressed then she'd grow up as a better person as Adalind has sworn to do for her kids.

Wu had the best sarcasm to offer

  Sgt. Wu's Wild Man

        Wu isn't necessarily a Wesen but he's now a part of the community. If they don't find a cure for him then Wu can learn to control his inner wild man and be a better cop. I see him making detective maybe. He could definitely give better insight into the weird cases.

Hank should at least have a girlfriend.
He's got the worst luck

  Hank's Happy Ending

       Hank has not had good luck with relationships on this show. But there was that one time when he came back from vacation where he ran into his ex-wife. I feel like that was a hint that maybe they would get back together for the series finale. Maybe Hank tells her about the Wesen world starting the relationship honest. I just want Hank to be happy. He deserves it!

Juliette gets a second chance. Use it wisely

  Juliette's Ending

         Now for Juliette. I admit I didn't like her character to start because she was so bland but she got more interesting when she was introduced to the Wesen world. Then when she became a hexenbiest WOW! I actually liked her even more when she got powers. I don't see her and Nick getting back together. There are just some things you can't come back from and helping people murder your boyfriend's mother is a big one. Though I think after being touched by that healing stick her soul was cleansed which may have in fact "cured" her of her hexenbiest because right now she can't wolge without having a seizure if at all. She can start over as anything she wants. If she's still a hexenbiest then she could do good by fighting evil wesen like Grimms do. I see her working for Hadrian's Wall for a long time in some other branch.

This is an odd brain trust

   Agent Trubel

          I feel Trubel would still work for Hadrian's Wall. I feel it's where she had the most purpose and where she felt most at home. Trubel did the most good for HW. And I see her keeping in touch with Nick and the gang. Maybe she'd baby sit on occasion. Who else is more qualified than a woman with a machete? 

Grimm is ending. Hold me!

      Grimm was such an amazing show. I can't believe it's ending. I was hoping it would go on for at least 7 seasons but I guess NBC wants to move on or just want something to rival Game of Thrones. Either way I'm happy to have been a fan of the show. Great costumes and twists and turns. They took the old fairytales and completely reimagined them! Well I hope all of our characters live happily ever after...
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