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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Arrow: Who Is Prometheus?

         Since the arrival of the new dark masked archer named Prometheus I have been wracking my brain as to his identity (or even her!). One theory seems insane but I want to put it forward.

Copy Cat

       What if Prometheus is Tommy Merlyn? But he's dead! I know but come on... we know by now that there are loop holes in the super hero universe. So maybe someone resurrected Tommy for some nefarious purpose and trained him to be a killer in which case there's a bigger conspiracy afoot but we won't go into that this blog post. Tommy would definitely have cause to hate Oliver and want revenge: he kinda stole Laurel, he lied about his past and of being the Arrow. Even though they were sort of reconciled in season 1 before he died perhaps Tommy was brain washed or his memories were manipulated and twisted to make Oliver seem like a hated enemy.

I was drunk when I tried to kiss you once.
Don't make it weird, big bro

        Another possible candidate is probably someone we've never met but from Oliver's time with the Bratva. We know Oliver did some shady stuff for a lot of people and secret organizations that turned him into a cynical killing machine. But I like Tommy for a candidate because season 5 is feeling like season 1 and given Oliver is going through a rough time trying to build a new team as well as new bridges it would be perfect for a ghost from his past would come back to really rattle him. It would also be nice for Thea to finally reconnect with her other older brother (though probably it would be seriously awkward because she tried to kiss him that one time not knowing that he was her half-brother). But they could bond on how horrible a dad Malcolm Merlyn is.

Who wouldn't want to see this cute ghost again?

     Whether he's a familiar face or a new player it'll be a blast from the past for Oliver that will probably be a good way to help him open up and bond with his new team. 

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