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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Grimm Season 5 Finale: Let's Discuss

        That last part was... wow! The whole episode was great though I did have some criticisms but mostly about Reynard. Anyway, stuff I want to talk about:

Children shouldn't play with voodoo dolls

1. Diana's Voodoo Powers

          Is she a good witch or a bad witch? Who's to say at this point. Diana is just a normal little girl but with super powers and what child doesn't want their mom and dad to be together? But luckily Diana has ONE parent who knows what's going on with her child. I can't believe how naive Reynard is about his daughter. Maybe he's just being a doting father, we do know he has some compassion in him given how he chose to be a cop instead of the more powerful position of a politician. More on that later though. Reynard only starts to see that his daughter isn't so innocent when she kills his mistress. Though it's still scary at what Diana is capable of. Will she kill Nick if she thinks he's going to come between her parents? Hard to say since she seemed very fond of Nick's mother and loved that locket with his picture in it. As long as Adalind is there to keep Diana in check I think Nick will be alright... for now.

No one is a match for Eve and her many wigs

2. Juliette's... Back?

          After having her magical seizure from the healing powers of the miracle wand (I'm calling it a wand by the way) Eve seemed to disappear as all of her bottled emotions came back. There was too much going on for Nick to actually process this but it will come up in season 6 you can bet. Though I feel like we've been building to that anyway. Ever since Eve began interacting with Nick, old feelings were probably coming back. There were some glimpses of Juliette's jealousy for sure. First with threatening Adalind if she ever hurt Nick, telling Nick to be wary of Adalind since as a hexenbeist she can't be trusted, etc. Trubel and Rosalee absolutely saw those moments of jealousy and given how last season she tried to kill Adalind along with Nick's unborn baby then kidnapping Diana after leading Kelly into a trap costing her her life and then trying to kill Nick... well we all are wary of hexenbeist Juliette. Seriously though when Juliette and Nick were together I thought her character pretty bland but the minute she became a hexenbeist bitch she became interesting. I actually don't want her to die yet. The love triangle between Adalind, Nick, and Juliette continues.

Down the creepy rabbit hole we go

        But would Juliette coming back really threaten Adalind and Nick's relationship? Hard to say. Nick and Juliette do have a history but I feel like they weren't on the same path. It was clear that Nick was ready to settle down and start a family but Juliette had her misgivings. Granted it was because he was lying and that's not a great way to start a marriage but I feel like they were destined for other things. Where as surprisingly Adalind and Nick share a deeper connection. Not just their son but the Wesen world too. Nick learned more about Adalind and vice versa and they just seemed to click. If there's one thing you can say about Adalind is that she will go the distance for those she loves. First with Reynard when she was helping him (though she went the extra mile in trying to harm his Grimm cop) but then she gained some self respect after Diana was born and she became a very devoted mother. So far Adalind is the only one who said "I love you" to Nick and she hasn't pressed him if he felt the same way because she doesn't want to force him into anything. But I feel like Nick has similar feelings for her he just hasn't said it out loud. David Guintoli says Nick understands why Adalind left with Kelly (their son) and will forgive her. I believe that.

Your new mayor. A douche like the other one

3. Reynard 

         Reynard has really devolved from season 1. First he was this bad ass guy who knew everything to a puppet (first with his daughter then with Bonaparte). I understand that he wants power but I would think he would be more Machiavellian about who he was working with. Black Claw is just shady. It may be that because Reynard isn't a full blown Zauberbeist (probably not spelling that right) he's not completely consumed by ambition. We do know he has some compassion in him. Out of all the professions Reynard could have chosen he chose law enforcement. He even mercy killed Meisner (though I think Bonaparte burned an asset given how amazing Meisner was at getting the job done). He wants to help the community BUT that siren call to power is just all too alluring. I do find it an absolute joke that he thinks Adalind is just going to forget about Nick and be with him. Maybe he has a faulty memory but he didn't treat Adalind very well. He kind of blew it when he gave Diana away. I honestly don't see him wooing Adalind... without Diana's voodoo dolls anyway. So yes, right now Reynard wants power and given that he's the new mayor he'll have plenty of it.

There's always that one screw that doesn't go anywhere

4. Guess who's expecting!

         It's finally happening! Monroe and Rosalee are having a baby. I feel like we were leading up to it this season after we saw Monroe and Rosalee setting up Kelly's crib. "Maybe someday," Rosalee said. Well someday is HERE! I kinda want it to be a girl so she and Kelly can grow up together and fall in love and... well that's for fan fiction writers to play with. 


5. Black Claw is no more

      In an interview with David Guintoli (Nick Burkhart), when asked about if Black Claw was done he said, "Oh he killed like 33 of their guys they're done." I feel like I have to agree. With the miracle wand Nick seems unbeatable and luckily Reynard and Black Claw have no idea of it's existence. And only one branch of Hadrian's Wall was destroyed so the organization still stands. Without it's crucial leaders Black Claw will flounder, scatter, and disappear. But then who will be the next big bad in season 6? Given how there will only be 13 episodes we may know sooner instead of having to wait 22 episodes to get to the big battle. 

I wonder what you get when you cross a hexenbeist
with a Grimm?
      Can't wait for next season. Still shipping Adalind and Nick despite others' misgivings. Very excited for the Monrosalee Baby! 
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