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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Magicians: Burned Bridges

Grow up, girl. You lost get over it.

                  So Julia and Quentin's last encounter was less than pleasant. Clearly this friendship was not as strong as they thought it was. Julia put Quentin in an enchanted sleep and a nightmare where she taunted him. Though she never intended Quentin to get hurt Julia crossed a line. But does that mean there's no hope of a reconciliation.

That's just cold, Julia. Well at least you show your true colors

            In the books (I'm allowed to say now) Julia actually progressed so far that she left the hedge witch safe house to find bigger magic. Though I much prefer this route. I don't know why but Julia just annoys me. She came off as a Susan Pevensy, thinking she knew everything and in a hurry to grow up but it's the reverse when Julia discovers magic is real and apparently she's not good enough to study at Brakebills she goes off the rails. She treats magic as a drug forsaking her family and friends to practice a few party tricks. I loved how Quentin told Julia to grow up because she truly was acting like a child. Also didn't she tell him the same thing not too long ago? Burn! So in my opinion Julia got what she deserved. 

Probably not a good idea to give this one
ANY kind of magic

             I will say it's a little unfair of Quentin to punish Julia for taking pity on him which wouldn't have been too horrible if she didn't know that he had romantic feelings for her in high school. That's worse than being mean to his face but Julia thought she was doing a good thing by being Quentin's friend. Julia saw herself as this good person when in reality she was probably a worse bully for seeing Quentin as more of a charity case. Now she's the one who's losing it. While Julia spiraled Quentin was getting closer to Alice and seems that he's going into a more healthy relationship and not just in romance. Quentin is making good friends (even though Penny likes to beat on Quentin there have been occasions when they worked well together). He's getting his crap together and I feel that's mostly due to finding out who he really is where as Julia is still trying to find out who she is which is why her world is coming undone. 

At least THIS relationship is working out

        Sometimes people outgrow each other. Julia is now in rehab writing amends letters to Quentin though so far she can't help holding a grudge. She's still hurt that he got into Brakebills and she didn't but it seems Julia isn't going to give up on magic just yet as a counselor (who's also a reverend) shows her another kind of magic. I can't help but feel that this is going to throw her back into the fire again but maybe praying to gods will put her back on the straight and narrow and therefore mend her friendship with Quentin.   

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