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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Agents of SHIELD: FitzSimmons Twist What If?

I'll be honest their first kiss wasn't that great but
that doesn't mean they shouldn't try again

                 I'm probably the first to suggest this but what if Simmons was pregnant with Will's baby?

Yes I would love to have a hunky astronaut comfort me

            It's not like they had birth control or believed at the time that they would be rescued in the next few days so it's completely logical that Simmons and Will would get busy and not even think about kids. Then again who would want to bring kids into such a world? Living underground in constant fear on a desert planet stuck in eternal night? Not the place you would want to raise a child. However, there's always that "Oops" moment.

Simmons has so many shoulders to cry on doesn't she?

            Simmons admitted that she was in love with Will (I mean wouldn't you? Stranded on a desert planet with a handsome astronaut is one of my fantasies!). Now that Simmons knows that Will's dead she can move on with Fitz but what if she found out that she was pregnant with Will's baby? I feel like it's a possibility because Will mentioned that he thought he had time to meet someone and start a family but that ship may have sailed until Simmons appeared giving him some form of hope. If not for a family then at least a future where he's not alone. It would be great for Simmons to have a piece of Will and he can truly live on but would Fitz be entirely okay with that?

Did you have sushi for lunch...?

            Fitz is probably the world's nicest guy and number one friend you want to have on your side. He was angry and jealous about Will but he was still elbows deep in trying to help Simmons rescue him. I could see Fitz helping Simmons raise the baby and he wouldn't resent the kid in any way but would there be a romantic relationship in there? That's hard to say. I'm not completely sold on the Fitz Simmons romance though I do think it's adorable. So if Simmons is pregnant then it would be an interesting challenge to see if they can make their romance work or just go back to being friends.

Fitz is a guy you can always lean on for support

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