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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Originals: Klamille Over?

The streets of New Orleans will run red

                 After 2 and a half seasons of "will they-might they", Cami and Klaus finally get together. However, once again crazy Aurora finds a way to ruin everything as after their heavy make out session, she sneaks in (some how without all these supernaturals who supposedly have super sensitive hearing noticing) and slits poor Cami's throat leaving Klaus to wake to find her dead in his arms covered in her blood. We last see Klaus crying in grief but is this really the end of Klamille?

Where's mistletoe when you need it?

           It seems unfair to kill off Cami just as she and Klaus were about to start off on a relationship. On the one hand Cami is a good influence on the tyrannical Wolf King and would have made him a better father and all around better person. On the other hand though... strictly from a writer's point of view... Klaus as a tame beast would have been too perfect and to be honest kind of boring. Don't get me wrong, there would have definitely been conflicts given that old bloody habits die hard, but Joseph Morgan and Julie Plec agree that a tame Klaus is not a Klaus at all. That doesn't mean Klaus won't do everything in his power to bring Cami back. This is a show where many of our characters cheat death constantly. Maybe Vincent could help unless Aurora or Tristan decide to black mail him. But this leaves open which human would take Cami's place.

You got it all wrong, copper!

        Julie Plec explained that like Matt was the only human (keeping someone team human was essential as somebody had to be the voice of the innocents) Cami was the only human in New Orleans to represent the human citizens in the community. Which means perhaps instead of a therapist a cop will become the new human representative. Detective Kinney had a hard initiation into the supernatural world of New Orleans but Klaus helped him beat Lucien's compulsion. Having a detective could help our characters better to help keep an eye on their rivals. Also if Cami doesn't come back, Kinney may like to help to get revenge (if he's so inclined). But is also opens up for conflict as Kinney will want to up hold the law so it may become an internal struggle for him as well as an external struggle for the Originals. 

Merry Christmas, loves

         Although I'm a Klaroline fan I liked Klamille while it lasted. I foresee Klaus going on a rampage of grief as he usually does when he's in emotional pain. Aurora, Tristan, and Lucien awoke the beast and he'll make them suffer.

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